Monday, May 2, 2011

He's Back!

Alright so it is day 20 of this hospital journey and I am pleased to say that Dad is back! What I mean is dad is not confused anymore and actually talking like himself again! I feel like it just all of a sudden happened, Friday and Saturday he was still really confused and then yesterday and today he just started remembering what was happening. He doesn't remember anything from when he hit his head through saturday, April 30th, but he realizes he is in the hospital to get better. He also remembers things from before the accident. My mom was telling him about everyone who has come to visit, made phone calls, provided dinner, fasted, prayed, blessed, and just plain been there for him. He was so touched and amazed by everyone's generosity. Today's gratitude thought comes from dad...He kept saying how grateful and blessed he was to have such amazing family, friends and ward members.

He was also remembering things we were saying, which he was not able to do before...he would just forget things from even an hour earlier in the day. Dad is ready for rehab and wants to get better so he can get back to work! He is off the dysphagia diet which was only soft food and is now on the normal hospital food diet. I asked him what I could do to help and he said "bring something really cool up here for your dad". Haha, funny! I probably will though :) Anyway, today has been a total 180 turn from last week. When he is in rehab I am pretty sure visiting hours are only from 4-8 PM. I will check and update everyone tomorrow. I am sure he would love to see people now, especially since he will remember your visit!


  1. That is so fantastic! I am glad to hear he is going well. Still praying for all of you :)

  2. This is great to hear! :)

  3. Teresa: You won't remember us, but I went to high school with your Dad. Your Mom and Dad are some of our dearest friends, even though we have been in Texas for almost 25 years. My sister forwarded the link and I am so glad to have this update. Your Dad has been in our prayers since day 1 and we continue to pray for him and his recovery. He is really one of they best guys around (But you already know that). Our best wishes are with you and your family.

    Brent and Jeri Petersen

  4. Brent: THanks so much for the love and support! I read my dad your comment and he was touched. He is so overwhelmed by the amount of people who have reached out to him. Thanks again

  5. Teresa that is so good that your dad is starting to be himself again!