Monday, June 13, 2011

Dirty Dask 5K Mud Run

My friend Wendy invited Shane and me to participate in the Dirty Dash, a 5k run/walk/slip/slide in the mud. Our race time was at 9:00 am so we left our house at 7 for Soldier Hollow so we could arrive a few minutes before the race. I didn't quite know what to expect considering I had never ran in a race before. When we arrived there were lots of people in costumes and non-running getup. This calmed me down because I didn't have to take it as serious as most races are. Our team's theme was "Farmers" and our name was the "Mud Buddies."

When the race started it was a straight uphill run in the mud with full-on mountain sprinklers in the mix! It was fun, and hilarious, I have never done anything like that before. As we continued the race we jumped haystacks, crawled through barrels, sloshed through mud, climbed fences, hopped tires, and slide down water slides. It was quite the adventure. I don't expect to ever run an actual competitive race but I sure plan on running the Dirty Dash each year!

At the end of the race we were covered in mud and dirt. Shane's white shirt was changed to a lovely shade of brown. Luckily we bought our shoes at the DI, based on a tip from a friend, and we just donated them to the race to send to people in need. This was a fun experience and one I recommend!
Our Team the Mud Buddies

Getting Ready for the Big Race



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