Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 2 at the U

Today was a harder day for my dad. He did a great job in the morning with physical therapy, but this afternoon did not want to participate. After I left he had also pulled out (entirely this time) his catheter. They were going to remove it today anyway. I am assuming that did not feel good. They also found a blood clot in his arm. They are currently working on that situation. He also had a fever that has since gone down. Because of all this he has been moved to the ICU again :( Will this ever end!!! Hopefully. I am not impressed with the U so far. In fact, maybe it is IHC I am unhappy with because they are the ones who said he was ready for rehab, obviously not. 

Visitors are only to come from 4-8 pm and two at a time for now.

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