Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 7 & 8 at the U

Yesterday and today have been about the same for my dad. He did physical therapy today and walked around the hospital floor he is on, he also did a few mild exercises. He is very tired and the doctors told me it was because of the brain injury and probably also the infections he is fighting off. Dad isn't as aggressive and doesn't try to leave the hospital or ask us to take him home anymore. I feel like he is starting to understand why he has to stay at the hospital. He still can't remember things from the day before (a form of amnesia the doctor said) but he can read cards sent to him, recognize people who come into the room, ask questions and answer most questions asked by the doctor.
It is very rare to have people with a brain injury like my dad's and also a blood clot. The doctors are watching it and doing what they can with it. Currently we would ask that only family members visit my dad because he is "not himself" and sick. However, I will keep this blog updated for when it is a good time to come see him. Thanks for all the support!

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