Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 9 at the U

Today was a great day for Dad. He has been on this constant one-on-one with a CNA always in his room, however today they moved him to a different (and bigger) room with a camera in it instead. He had the one-on-one because he was so impulsive and agitated all the time, but he has calmed down and now the doctors feel he doesn't need that. There is a CNA that watches the camera, and a nurse always close by. Dad is graduating to being more self sufficient! He seems to understand more that he needs to get better and stay at the hospital. Also, when the intern neurological doctor came in, he did a bunch of observation/tests and said dad was "sharp" and doing well. He made me feel good and think that Dad would pull through and recover, like we always say, it will just take time. 
The doctors also started him on a heparin drip and another mild blood thinner. They feel that the risk of internal bleeding in the brain is very low because it had been 15 days since the injury and his injury is stable now. It was kind of a catch 22 because the blood clot, if not treated, could break off and go to the heart or lungs. We feel all decisions being made have been good so far. He is very tired and doesn't want to eat very much either, however the Doctor said this is because some of his medicine he is taking mixed with his injury has caused his sleepiness. They are going to take him off of the medicine that is making him sleepy (I think they were to calm him down, but he is calm now) and give him medicine to "wake him up" to be more alert for therapy etc. Also, dad had looked a little jaundice or yellow, because when he got sepsis his liver was affected, but the liver is healing and his color is coming back, which is fabulous.
We are very optimistic and feel Dad has made progress. He kind of back tracked for a week with the infections, but is slowly fighting those off and getting healthier. 

**Also, to set the records straight, all doctors, nurses, and CNA's know my dad is diabetic.

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