Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 5 & 6 at the U

So I apologize for not posting progress yesterday because I know several of you who are following to see how my dad is doing. Currently he is very sick, from the infection. He can talk and eat and stuff, he just gets tired easily. He is in a unit called "acute medical attention" where they watch his medicine for the infection. The doctor examined him today and saw some scab things on his neck, possibly staff infection, they are looking into that as well.
They were going to put a filter in my dad's arm to stop the blood clot in case it travels, but it has the danger of breaking off as well. It is a fine line with the blood clot and my dad. They can't give him blood thinners because of the head injury and the filter option could break off or cause more infections and he is already so sick. The current standing is to monitor it closely. The doctor did say that blood clots in the arms are better then the legs and have a less chance of breaking off and traveling to other parts of the body.
Please Please Please keep praying and thinking of my dad!! We love him and want him to get better. Deep down inside me I believe he will get better, it will just take time and I am not very patient :)

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  1. Teresa, THANK YOU so much for doing this. I have been uncertain about visiting but want to stay updated and this definitely helps. I would love to come and visit when you all think your dad is ready for it. He is such a great man and you are right, he will recover, I feel it too!
    Love you all