Wednesday, April 20, 2011

University...GO UTES!

Dad was transfered to the University of Utah hospital today (good thing he's a ute fan;)  ). At approximately 1:30 he arrived at the U Hospital via van, and was taken to the rehab floor. Today was an "introduction day" you might say. He was asked some questions about his health history and given a room. At first he was sharing a room, but aunt Jill would not have that! (Thank Heavens because sharing the room even for 3 hours was miserable.) He was taken to his own private room where he now has his own bathroom, TV and visitor space. Thanks Jill for having friends in high places at the U Hospital, sometimes it's all about who you know. 

While I was there, he was getting his new room. Then he took a little nap. When dinner arrived he was served mashed potatoes, a roll, chicken, pudding, and was all mashed up though, he can't have "regular" food until he is given the official test that says he can swallow normal food. Hopefully that comes soon because the only items that looked appetizing were the roll and pudding. Maybe after only having one solid meal (yesterday) in a week though, it was good? Hopefully! 

He will be doing rehab exercises for 3 hours a day now. He will have a physical, occupational, and speech therapist. He will be here for 2-3 weeks we have been told. It could be longer, but that is just what we are looking at right now. 

One funny comment...when we asked him what he was drinking for dinner (obviously pink lemonade or fruit punch) he said "Jack Daniels High ball"! He was trying to be funny and throw us off...he sure did! Dad doesn't drink but this head injury sure makes him say funny things! I haven't added all that he says though, because one day when he reads this I don't want him to be embarrassed :) Dad is on the road to recovery!

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