Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 4 at the U

So are you ready for this? The infection was Sepsis! I didn't know that until today, I guess I am oblivious to some things and in most cases that is probably good. Well they are treating it, and it is totally under control now, but Thursday it was pretty scary, life threatening (as if the head injury isn't bad enough). Today he seemed better. The nurses and doctors have ordered him a room outside of ICU but he most likely won't move until tomorrow. This new room is just a step down from the ICU so they can still keep an eye on him. The blood clot is being well monitored and will most likely dissolve on it's own, he must keep that arm rested and not move it too much.
Dad was talking a lot today and reading some cards people have sent. He really wants to go home and doesn't fully understand why he has to be in the hospital 24/7 yet, however he is more willing to comply and listen and doesn't try to "Escape" nearly as much. He is getting "more with it" but is still a little confused. 
We hope to see continual progress, keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

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