Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out of the ICU

Today my friend Whitney Fowlks called me, she works at the hospital on floor 11, and said she was getting a new dad! Hooray! He was moved out of the ICU after being there almost a week. Because my parents insurance is not accepted at the IHC hospital (it was while this was an emergency in the ICU, but not now) he will most likely be transfered tomorrow or Thursday to The University Hospital. I went and visited around 3:30. Dad seemed more alert and talkative. He read out loud several "get well" cards that were sent to him, he would not have been able to do that two days ago. Later it was dinner time and they actually gave him regular food! He can only have soft food but ate Lasagna, soup, and some green beans. I am sure that tasted great after almost a week with no food except for a feeding tube.

Since he has a brain injury he still says some really funny things, and is impulsive with his language. However, we have seen TONS of progress. Each day he acts more and more like Dad but it will just take time, patience, and practice to get back to being Dad. His personality is not yet back to "normal" but it's getting there. When asked how old he is, he responded "40-17" which is 57 and which is also one of my Dad's regular jokes. We are thrilled to see such improvement.  Thanks for the continual thoughts and prayers for our family. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update...

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